Plein Air



Large photographs of virtual landscapes, these shaped UV prints examine the aesthetics of aerial imaging.

Posse Comitatus



Dance performances and video installations exploring the American miliita movement.

Rare Earth



Photographs of landscapes found in combat video games, and a series of videos shot at a militia training ground in Upstate New York, explore the function of landscape as a symbolic setting for paramilitary fantasy.

The Dystopia Files


An archive of video clips depicting public interactions between police and protesters in North America since 1999. Shot on city streets by police, protesters, and observers, this footage portrays scenes of ritualized conflict that reveal the visual logic and performative aesthetics of contemporary security culture.

The New Revolution



Green screens are used in television studios to create illusions: for example, to make it look as if a meteorologist is standing in front of a satellite image. This screen’s technological potential remains untapped, as if inviting us to project our own ideas onto its surface. The opening bars of The Who’s 'Won’t Get Fooled Again' loop quietly in the background. The title is taken from the song’s lyrics, which are available at the gallery desk.

Sweet Child Solos



A performance/installation featuring solo guitar covers of a well-known song by Guns N' Roses. The guitarists play in front of a green screen wall painting. In the installation, they are superimposed over video stills on two projection screens.

Chinoise A


A single-channel video remake of a scene from J-L Godard's La Chinoise (1967) in which a radical student contemplates bombing the university. The original scene is updated and reimagined as an online video chat.


Star Spangled Cover



A performance/installation in which legendary New York guitarist André Lassalle plays a cover of Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner. In the installation, video of the performance is composited and projected onto the gallery wall twice: two projectors pointed at the same spot on the wall, two DVDs playing out of sync.

Port Huron Project


A series of public reenactments of protest speeches from the New Left movements of the Vietnam era. Each speech took place at the site of the original event, and was delivered by an actor or performance artist to an audience of invited guests and passers-by. Videos based on these events are presented in screenings and installations.

Revelation 1.0 & 2.0



A net art project that uses custom software to create a parallel version of the Amnesty International and CNN web sites.




A net art project, made in collaboration with Alex Galloway and Martin Wattenberg, that served as an interface to the text archive on the web site.

Traces of a Constructed City


My first online art project, and an early example of net art. A visual archive of physical construction sites in central Berlin, it consisted of a clickable image map of the city that linked to images that I had taken using an early digital camera.




A site specific public art project, made in collaboration with Nina Katchadourian and Steven Matheson, in which a team of 50 volunteers sorted approximately 10,000 cars by color into the parking lots surrounding a community college in San Diego.




A virtual reality installation in which visitors navigated a medical clinic where the object of investigation was the "data body."