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Artscope - A Dense Web: The 2010 DeCordova Biennial
by Mark Drummond Davis. March/April, 2010
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Also online here.

Culture Monster (Los Angeles Times)

"Port Huron Project videos on view at LACE"

By Diane Haithman. October 20, 2009


Cahiers du 2006

"Port Huron Project (Mark Tribe, 2008)"

October 6, 2009.


Washington Post

"Blurring the Line Between Art and Truth"

By Michael O'Sullivan. August 7, 2009


Area Chicago

"Letter to the Reenactors"

By Paige Sarlin. December, 2008


C for Culture - Artists as Public Intellectuals
by Nicole Wong. October 2008
C for Culture Artists as Public Intellec
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The Boston Phoenix
Back to The Barricades: Can Reenacting Vietnam-era Protests Help Us Rethink Iraq?
By Greg Cook. October 22, 2008


Paper Magazine
For The Love of Art: Mark Tribe on Post Digital
with Alex Gartenfeld. October 10, 2008


The Brooklyn Rail
New Social Mov(i)ements
By Sarahjane Blum. October 2008


The Globe and Mail
“Want Scrappy, Vibrant Political Debate? Look to The Artists”
by Simon Houpt. September 29, 2008


“Armory Show Explores ‘Democracy in America’”
by Siddhartha Mitter. September 24, 2008


New York Times
“With Politics In The Air a Freedom Free-For-All Comes to Town”
by Holland Cotter. September 22, 2008.


New York Magazine
“Radical Speak: Performance Artist Mark Tribe Breathes New Life Into Old Politics”
by Carla Blumencranz. September 14, 2008


Village Voice
“Fall Preview: Artists Soldier for Democracy at the Park Avenue Armory
by Daniel Kunitz. September 2, 2008


The Take Away (National Public Radio)
“University Professor Stages a 1969 Angela Davis Civil-Rights Speech”
with John Hockenberry and Adaora Udoji. August 4, 2008


Oakland Tribune
“Angela Davis Speech to be Restaged Saturday at DeFremery Park”
by Angela Woodall. August 1, 2008.


KPFA Radio
Port Huron Project 5 on The Morning Show

with Aimee Allison. August 1, 2008

San Francisco Chronicle
“Don’t Miss: Mark Tribe and The Port Huron Project”
by Reyhan Harmanci. July 31, 2008


East Bay Express
“Port Huron Resurrection: Mark Tribe Helps Revivify Oakland’s Panther History”
by Rachel Swan. July 30, 2008


Los Angeles Times
Mark Tribe’s Port Huron Project via Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
by Christopher Knight. July 25, 2008


Los Angeles Times
“Port Huron Project Reenacts Seminal Events of the 1960’s”
by Diane Haithman. July 19, 2008


KPCC Radio
“Part History Lesson, Part Performance Art”
with Adolpho Guzman Lopez on July 17, 2008


Artforum - "Sounding the Fury"
by Julia Bryan-Wilson. January 2008
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Chicago Tribune
“Times, Faces Change; Struggle Remains”

by Leora Falk. July 31, 2007


New York Times
“Giving New Life to Protests of Yore”

by Randy Kennedy. July 28, 2007


Boston Globe
“Rallying ‘Round the Past”

by Ken Johnson. July 22, 2007


Washington Post
“Hot Off The Presses: A Pot Full Of Issues”

by Rachel Beckman. July 19, 2007


Journal of Aesthetics and Protest
“Politics by Other Means”

by Christina Ulke. Issue 5, Summer 2007

From Technological to Virtual Art

by Frank Popper. Cambridge: MIT Press 2007.

pg. 319-321. Profile of my contributions to field.


Art of the Digital Age

Bruce Wands, ed. New York: Thames & Hudson 2006.

StarryNight featured in Net Art section.


New York Times

“A Beehive Filled With Artistsʼ Books and Buzz”
by Holland Cotter. Nov. 18, 2006.

Mentions presentation of Port Huron Project.


Die Welt - "Gier, Geschreddert"
by Anne Chaplet. July 29, 2006.
Review of New Media Art (the book I co-wrote with Reena Jana).
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Download - “Tijuana Calling: An Exercise on Virtual Coyote Tactics”
by María Victoria Guglietti. September 8, 2006.
Review of Tijuana Calling.
furtherfield review - Tijuana Calling.pd
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Flash Art Italia n.261 - "The Port Huron Project"
by Francesco Spampinato. 2006.
Review of Port Huron Project
Flash Art Italia n.261.pdf
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Flash Art Italia n.260 - “[Net Works] Arte in Rete: Lʼultima Avanguardia”
by Domenico Quaranto. 2006.
Interview on New Media Art
Flash Art Italia n.260.pdf
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El Pais - "The Black Box of Digital Art"
by Roberta Bosco. February 5, 2005
The Big Black Box of Digital Art.pdf
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El Pais - "The Black Box of Digital Art" (original Spanish version)
by Roberta Bosco. February 5 2005
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Discover Magazine - "Artbots: The Robot Talent Show"
by Karen Wright. February 2005
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Columbia Spectator - "Collision Of Art and Tripped-Out Technies: Harlem Hosts Wacky Intersection Between Technology and Art"
by Jennifer Preissel. September 20, 2004
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New York Times - "Internet Art Survives, But the Boom Is Over"
by Ben Sisario. March 31, 2004
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Columbia Record - "Mark Tribe Named Director of the School of the Arts Digital Media Center"
by Kristen Sterling. September 12, 2003
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Wired Magazine - "To Err Is Creative in Net Art"
by Gabe Friedman. May 12, 2003
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Download - "On Revelation 2.0"
March 14, 2003.
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New York Times - "Digital Artworkds That Play Against Expectations"
by Matthew Mirapaul. September 30, 2002
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The Chronicle of Higher Education Daily News - "Museums Seek Methods for Preserving Digital Art"
by Scott Carlson. May 28, 2002.
The Chronicle_ Daily news_ 05_28_2002 --
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Wired Magazine - "Net Gambit: See Art, Pay Amnesty"
by Reena Jana. February 27, 2002
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Los Angeles Times - "A Human Dimension to New Media"
by Scarlet Cheng. December 16, 2001
A Human Dimension to New Media.pdf
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I.D. Magazine - "starrynight"
by Austin Bunn. June 2001
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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - "The Stargazer of Silicon Alley: New York Media and Net Art Archive Rhizome Undertakes Pioneering Work"
by Barbara Basting. September 2000
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BBCi Arts - "Network artists - Matt Fuller interviews Mark Tribe"
by Matt Fuller.
BBC - Arts - Matt Fuller Interviews Mark
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The Village Voice - "Artistic License: Creating a Space for Net Art"
by Jeff Howe. July 7, 1999
Village Voice - Artistic License.pdf
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Silicon Alley Reporter - "Rhizome Internet"
by Lila Sneed. 1997
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Newsweek - "Sculpture Made to Border"
by Peter Plagens. October 31, 1994
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San Diego Union-Tribune - "Parked cars can produce a lot of art"
by Lillian Salazar Leopold. September 6, 1994
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